Premier Model Management

SHOWstudio: Punk: Shit knit and other waste (shot at Rosina Studio)


Director Chloe Orefice and stylist Sue-Wen Quek offer ‘Shit Knit and Other Waste’, which features a hat inspired by the iconic ‘Sex’ sign.

Using Punk’s central themes of dressing to provoke, DIY and self-expression, SHOWstudio asked a wide range of contemporary creatives to express their vision of punk now by creating a fashion film and garment. ‘Punk was one of the most culturally important and far reaching movements in the last 100 years. Its influence is repeatedly seen every fashion season,’ explains Nick Knight.

Direction: Chloe Orefice; Styling: Sue-Wen Quek; Edit: Alex Simpson; Models: Harriet Verney @ Premier Model Management and Scarlett Carlos Clarke; Edit: Alex Simpson; Makeup: Joey Choy
Hair: Matthew Ryan Jones; Set: James Cross; Music: Gareth Dolan; Styling assistance: Lois Gabrin; Special thanks to Alex Shah @ Premier and Jess Molteno; Location: Rosina Studio