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Rosina Studio hosts Dazed & Confused magazine’s ‘Killing Time’ Spring Menswear fashion shoot

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Dazed fashion editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell goes back to her roots with photographer Rachel Chandler, shooting a story based on the enduring nothingness of hanging out. Pay attention to the details: model Philip wears necklaces like young Fraser-Bell did back in Heswall’s ‘Mirror Park’, the Wirral, thrown on top of an authentic Brit casual/sportwear wardrobe. “The cameo of a hyperactive Staffy called Rosa was a highlight,” Elizabeth explains. “And every time I turned around I’d see Conor hanging upside down off a pole or a piece of the building.” Put that down to an abundance of sugary Coca Cola.

Watch the ‘Killing Time’ video here: http://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/16133/1/killing-time