Rosina Studio 2014

We have been hard at work here at Rosina Studio and as a result we now have a white floor and all the brickwork has been stripped back to reveal muted turquoise muted pink paint layered over terracotta bricks!

IMG_9850 IMG_9616 IMG_9589 IMG_9693

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Crystal Visions featuring Charlie XCX, Kingsland Road and Lauren Aquilina

On 17th December 2013 Rosina Studio hosted live performances from Charlie XCX, Kingsland Road and Lauren Aquilina. Each act performed an original and a cover and the performances were filmed for the Crystal Visions pilot.  Presenters included Phoebe from Made in Chelsea and Georgia LA. You will be able to watch the performances at the end of January 2014 – watch this space!

The set

IMG_3656 photo-34

Charlie XCX

photo-36 photo-37 IMG_3668

The presenters


Lauren Aquilina

photo-39 IMG_3672

Human pyramid with Phoebe (Made in Chelsea) and Kingsland Road


Glass Onion Vintage Kilo Sale with Asos Marketplace

In October 2013 we hosted a Glass Onion kilo sale for Asos vintage boutiques in London. Rosina Studios was transformed into a vintage haven full of sequins, sheepskin, tartan and, of course, Christmas jumpers. Run by the lovely people at Glass Onion with a few ASOS Marketplacers thrown in,  sellers behind some of the best Asos boutiques  found some absolute gems for their sites!

The space was split into two sections, one section being priced as low as £10 per kilo and full to the brim of goodies from dresses to denim. The second section was priced per piece and this section was curated by Glass Onion based on what items we will be pushing on the site in the run up to Christmas, we’re talking plenty of punk, winter pastels and glitz.

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Please email us at if you are interested in hiring Rosina Studio for a sale!

SHOWstudio: Punk: Shit knit and other waste (shot at Rosina Studio)


Director Chloe Orefice and stylist Sue-Wen Quek offer ‘Shit Knit and Other Waste’, which features a hat inspired by the iconic ‘Sex’ sign.

Using Punk’s central themes of dressing to provoke, DIY and self-expression, SHOWstudio asked a wide range of contemporary creatives to express their vision of punk now by creating a fashion film and garment. ‘Punk was one of the most culturally important and far reaching movements in the last 100 years. Its influence is repeatedly seen every fashion season,’ explains Nick Knight.

Direction: Chloe Orefice; Styling: Sue-Wen Quek; Edit: Alex Simpson; Models: Harriet Verney @ Premier Model Management and Scarlett Carlos Clarke; Edit: Alex Simpson; Makeup: Joey Choy
Hair: Matthew Ryan Jones; Set: James Cross; Music: Gareth Dolan; Styling assistance: Lois Gabrin; Special thanks to Alex Shah @ Premier and Jess Molteno; Location: Rosina Studio

Brave Steps Forward: Clash Meets Kwes at Rosina Studio

London producer Kwes talks about debut album ‘ilp’.

samB_KWES_004-S1-0004 rsz_screen_shot_2013-10-11_at_121536 rsz_screen_shot_2013-10-11_at_121808 samB_KWES_003-S2-0003

Full article here:

Clash Magazine gave us this great review after shooting at Rosina Studio!

“Sun-kissed, retro and super local to our needs, you are a diamond in the Hackney rough. Rosina Studios: we’ll definitely be back” – Clash Magazine

London band Society’s photo shoot at Rosina Studio

society society01_blog_image

Society have released their highly anticipated second single ’14 Hours’ (Click here). Shooting to infamy late last year on the back of the runaway success of a super-limited 7-inch vinyl-only debut called ‘All That We’ve Become’, they achieved major plaudits Radio 1 and 6Music loved them as did them NME and Q.

Dean Chalkely photographed 24-year-old London-based, James Girdler for the bands first and very cinematic press session here at Rosina Studio.

Rosina Studio hosts Dazed & Confused magazine’s ‘Killing Time’ Spring Menswear fashion shoot

1035794-1  1035791   1035796

Dazed fashion editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell goes back to her roots with photographer Rachel Chandler, shooting a story based on the enduring nothingness of hanging out. Pay attention to the details: model Philip wears necklaces like young Fraser-Bell did back in Heswall’s ‘Mirror Park’, the Wirral, thrown on top of an authentic Brit casual/sportwear wardrobe. “The cameo of a hyperactive Staffy called Rosa was a highlight,” Elizabeth explains. “And every time I turned around I’d see Conor hanging upside down off a pole or a piece of the building.” Put that down to an abundance of sugary Coca Cola.

Watch the ‘Killing Time’ video here: